- with your knife storage when you can have a deliciously processed fully magnetic full-magnetic knife rail or knife block made of solid oak, smoked oak, walnut or Wengé with us ??

The entire collection of knife rails and knife blocks is manufactured individually to order in Rune-Jakobsen's small North Jutland furniture joinery.

They use different types and combinations of powerful high-quality neodymium magnets in different dimensions that are carefully selected to play to the max with the design of the knife rail or block.

So you will not find cheap round disc magnets in their designs - they themselves import all their magnets from a manufacturer they trust and who supply magnets in the quality they want.

The small difference that makes the big difference!
Unlike many other knife rails and knife blocks on the market, Rune-Jakobsen's knife rails and knife blocks are fully magnetic and the magnets are invisible encapsulated in the tree.

Traction is distributed over a large part of the rail or block surface by using several rows of high quality magnets inserted at a distance between the rows.

Thereby several fix points are obtained per. knife and you therefore get optimal adhesion while you avoid your knives "spinning" around the rail and being attracted to each other.

Rune-Jakobsen therefore guarantees that your knives will hang on all our designs no matter which you choose - otherwise you will get your money back 😎


When you order a unique knife rail or knife block in the webshop without having "seen it in reality" it will always be with a built-in uncertainty as two products are never the same or have the same visual expression - so maybe the result was not quite as you had imagined or expected.

That is why there is a FULL RETURN on all products - even if they are custom-made. I pay the return postage and then we talk about what needs to be changed so that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, after which I make a new edition with a smile - because at Rune-Jakobsen Design we only collect satisfied customers 😊

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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