We are a Danish company with headquarters in North Jutland. Up here from the top of Denmark, we have a good view of trends and trends around the world.

Our hearts are passionate about beautiful, high-quality home design and we select only the very best for our customers. Unique crafts you can not buy anywhere.

The criteria are quality, beauty and functionality - and then we love local / local production in craftsmanship top quality.

Our suppliers are smaller manufacturers with whom we have made an agency agreement and the products are sold primarily via our own webshop, as well as at a few, selected retailers around the country.

We currently have the Danish and Swedish agencies on the products from Italian Tessitura Toscana Telerie , Greek Alexander Handcrafted Mills and Spanish Ceramicas Sevilla.

We also carry a selection of the products from our other brand Rune-Jakobsen Design

We guarantee the quality.
Our products are in the same super league as those you find at the best and most exclusive well-known brands, but when you order from our webshop without having had the products in your hands and seen them in In reality, of course, there will always be a risk that the product still does not appear quite as you had imagined when you receive it. Therefore, of course, there is a full right of return on all our products.

You are always welcome to contact us

📞: 42 43 23 76

📩: info@designersbest.dk

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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