Rune-Jakobsen's selection of delicious, handmade cutting and serving trays will help you with your cooking and at the same time dress any kitchen or dining table.

You can get everything from small spreadsheets to giant show boards so you can definitely find a board that matches your needs.

Common to all boards is that the craftsmanship quality and workmanship are top notch, attention is paid to the details and all boards appear with a beautiful and unique visual expression.

The small difference that makes the big difference!
Unlike many mass-produced boards on the market, RJ Design manufactures one board at a time.

Time is spent on both coarse, medium and fine sanding with washing down between each sanding, so the end result is a silky soft finish that patinates beautifully and ensures you a board you can enjoy for many years without it getting rough and tiring. to see and feel.

RJ Design only uses solid FSC certified furniture wood for all their boards.

Return policy
When you order a unique board in the webshop without having "seen it in reality" it will always be with a built-in uncertainty as two boards are never the same or have the same visual expression - so maybe the result was not quite as you had imagined or expected.

That is why there is a FULL RETURN on all products - even if they are custom-made. We pay the return postage and then we talk about what needs to be changed so that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, after which I make a new edition with a smile - because at Rune-Jakobsen Design they only collect on satisfied customers 😊

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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