Rune-Jakobsen's selection of simple, flexible and functional shelf designs is made of solid oak, smoked oak or walnut and can be used for countless purposes anywhere in your home.

The small difference that makes the big difference
At Rune-Jakobsen Design, only solid FSC certified furniture wood is used for all our products - not veneer or laminates - so of course this also applies to our shelves and bookcases 😊


EQUITY & ZEN are sculptural shelf designs with many options.

The design of EQUITY is based on the theory of the golden ratio between the vertical and horizontal elements and thus incorporates a classic element from the art of painting and architecture in its design language while ZEN has a classic symmetrical cut between the vertical and horizontal elements which contributes to a calm and balanced expression.

HACK is a classic gallery shelf with a low leading edge. Hack comes in several variants with e.g. magnetic leading edge, glass suspension, etc.

RAW is made of a 45mm thick solid plank in oak, smoked oak or walnut. Choose from several variants, with or without magnetic front.

SHELF is a classic magazine shelf in several variants, which with its discreet brass details differs from the crowd. Shelf is 30 cm high and you can choose between shelf depths of resp. 9 or 12cm.

With EVOLUTION you can create your own unique wall shelf. The square or rectangular shelves without backing provide unimaginable combination possibilities and can be used creatively anywhere in your home. Choose from different sizes and formats

HATTIE is a stylish hat shelf / coat rack in solid wood with our own hand-turned knobs and delicious signature details.



When you order a unique shelf in the webshop without having "seen it in reality" it will always be with a built-in uncertainty as two shelves never is similar or has the same visual expression - so maybe the result was not quite as you had imagined or expected.

That is why there is a FULL RETURN on all products - even if they are custom-made. I pay the return postage and then we talk about what needs to be changed so that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, after which I make a new edition with a smile - because at Rune-Jakobsen Design we only collect on satisfied customers 😊

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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